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Nerpel® removes plastic from autobody masking paper packaging


This action will lead to a reduction of 3 Tons of plastic.

Sustainability is one of the main axes of the social commitment of companies. Regarding the environment, eliminating the indiscriminate use of plastic, along with reducing unnecessary waste, is a priority objective. The preferential use of paper in the masking for bodywork painting processes contributes, without a doubt, to this purpose. At Nerpel, specialist in masking products, we go one step further, eliminating the plastic from the packaging of the rolls for auto body paper.

In order to keep the reels protected, we add an extra meter of paper for free as packaging, the length is guaranteed. In a first phase, this measure will mean the elimination of more than three tons of plastic per year. In addition we reduce the waste of cardboard by using smaller diameter cores, (25 mm). Furthermore, the use of smaller mandrels allows to reduce the dimension and weight of the rolls, and thus transporting more units per pallet, helping to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint in the logistics process.

It should be noted that Nerpel's masking papers are  PEFC certified, which guarantees a sustainable and responsible management of our forests. At Nerpel we are aware that there are processes where currently the use of plastic is essential as there are no equivalent solutions from more sustainable materials. For this reason, we continue to work on innovation and development of more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.


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