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Why are NERPEL masking products different?


  • Because we focus on efficient and sustainable solutions thanks to our experience of more than 75 years.
  • Because we are flexible: We adapt and customize the different solutions to market needs.

More efficient Masking

At NERPEL we have from standard masking solutions to our own developments that allows to increase efficiency during painting jobs. Thanks to our range of products, the masking process for bodywork or decoration require less time than usual.

But how?

Each product in our catalog offers an alternative adapted to protect the chosen surface. We have masking paper with double taping, 4 sheet spraybooth covers, high resistance paper for floors, insulating doors… We offer an efficient solution to every masking need.

Sustainability as the basis of our products

We have the PEFC certification: both us and our pure kraft paper products. This certification system guarantees that those papers come from sustainably managed forests. It is the most important forest certification in the world and, through it, we offer our clients the opportunity to contribute to the maintenance of numerous ecosystems, to be the livelihood of many rural populations and to have a greater social and cultural role.

Experience and adaptability

At NERPEL we have been manufacturing masking products for the painting works for more than 70 years. All this background has led us to know in detail the changing demands of the decoration and bodywork sector. In addition, due to our commitment to continuous improvement, we have expanded our commercial network to cover markets throughout Europe, the Middle East, Canada and the United States.

We adapt to the needs of each customer. We give an optimal solution considering the requirements in terms of qualities, thicknesses, materials, etc. Likewise, we study all the masking processes and take into account the customer's opinion once the product is used. In this way, we adapt and innovate our offer from the point of view of practicality and speed of application.

Do you want to know more about our masking products? Download our catalog or contact us in this link.

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