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A vehicle repainting process aims at the satisfaction of the owner, who expects high quality finish.
The correct masking of surfaces near which we are going to paint, facilitates excellent finish, in addition to the protection of the areas on which we do not work. This allows to maintain the profitability and productivity of the professional in each job.
At Nerpel®, Masking Specialists, we developed a complete range of solutions that suit each of the tasks that occur in the repainting process, depending on the type of surface to be protected or painted.
Our leadership as masking specialists drives us to continue to innovate in solutions that facilitate the work of the professional, while maintaining the focus on our commitment to sustainability.
The correct application of these Nerpel® solutions facilitates an optimal finish, as well as avoiding incidents that cause time loss and lack of productivity.
Nerpel® only recommends the use of plastics in those jobs where their use is unavoidable and there is no equivalent product made from sustainable materials.


Masking solutions:

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