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CABIN MASK 4in1, Innovative product!

Paintbooth masking Protector:

Quick and efficient paintbooth masking.

 4 pre-taped drop film layers for protecting paintbooth walls from paint & overspray.

1 WORKER x 10 min.

  • Ø   4 layers for a longer protection. 

  • Ø   2,40 x 18 m.: cabin height x perimeter.

  • Ø   Autobody masking tape up to 140ºC.

  • Ø   Anti-drop "Corona" treatment all over the surface.



QUICK APPLICATION, in three easy steps, by JUST ONE WORKER:



  1. UNROLL: Adhere the tape while unwinding the coil (from left to right) with the opposite hand.
  2. UNFOLD ONLY the outer layer and fix the lower end.
  3. Remove the outer dirty layer through the upper pre-cut (near the tape) and unfold the next one: The cabin is newly masked in record time (and so, for 4 times).

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Dispose in accordance with current state and local legislation for plastics + metal containers.

Nerpel® only recommends the use of plastics in those jobs where their use is unavoidable and there is no equivalent product made from sustainable materials.


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