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Car-repair Pre-taped drop film

Quick masking

High density polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-drop treatment + 80º car-repair masking tape.

Full assortment of drop-film in diferent sizes.

Film sheet:

  • ANTI-DROP “Corona” treatment all over the surface.
  • Electrostatic charge all over the film, that guarantees the easier adhesion to any kind of surfaces.
  • HAND TEARABLE: no cutting tool needed. Easy cut while holding the folds and tear down softly

Masking tape:

  • Resistant to heat up to 80° C (30 min).
  • Easily removable, with no residues being left, better if it’s removed as soon as paint is dry
  • No breaking when removing. Saturated paper as a basis.
  • Good adaptability even to edged surfaces.
  • Good adhesion even on irregular surfaces.
  • Compatible with most common paints and lacquers.


WASTE MANAGEMENT: Dispose in accordance with current state and local legislation for plastics + metal containers.

Nerpel® only recommends the use of plastics in those jobs where their use is unavoidable and there is no equivalent product made from sustainable materials.

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