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DUAL MASK, Innovative product!


with a more efficient masking and un-masking

Combination of very high performance tapes for an excellent dual adhesion (double-sided), specifically designed for car repair masking in autobody works.

  • Polyethylene WATERPROOF masking tape..
  • Impeccable unmasking: fast and clean, with no residue left. Even without opening the doors, when applied at their edges.
  • The white tape is preferably applied on the surfaces of the vehicle to be masked.
  • The green tape is applied on all types of materials.

Ideal for masking curved and hard-to-reach surfaces, with different uses:

DUAL MASK as a trim masking tape         as a foam tape          as bodywork masking tape

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Dispose in accordance with current state and local legislation for plastics + metal containers.

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