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Special car-repair masking Paper

Undoubtedly, paper is the best choice when we want to mask a vehicle in repainting processes.
The paper specially developed for bodywork, is made of virgin paste, is soft, tear resistant and has low permeability. In addition, it comes from renewable resources, which makes it the best choice from an environmental point of view. Add to this the economic advantage you have over other types of solutions.
Nerpel® Special Car-repair Masking Papers are PEFC certified, ensuring their provenance from forests with sustainable forest management.
Our social commitment as a company to sustainability, has led us to remove plastic from the packaging of body paper, as well as to reduce unnecessary waste, using smaller interior cores, without losing its technical characteristics.
In order for the paper coils to remain protected in the logistics process, we have added 1 meter of paper to each unit; i.e. 400+1 m.
In a first phase, this measure will result in the elimination of more than 2 tonnes of plastic per year and the reduction of more than 15 tonnes of unnecessary waste. In addition, the use of smaller cores reduces the size and weight of the coils, helping to reduce the impact on the carbon footprint in the logistics process.
At Nerpel® we have these two alternatives for the professional:


It is the specific Car-repair Masking Paper, suitable for most repainting works of the vehicle.
It is made of PEFC certified paper, which offers high ductility, with high tear resistance and low permeability to different paints and varnishes.


"The ultimate solution"
It is the specific Car-repair Masking Paper, aimed at professionals who require the highest performance or who perform special work, with next generation components.
It is made of PEFC certified paper, which offers special ductility, with very high tear resistance and very low permeability to all types of paints and varnishes.


WASTE MANAGEMENT: Dispose in accordance with current state and local legislation for papers.

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