Our commitment to sustainability

“Sustainability has become one of
the main axes of social

Paper is the most sustainable resource.
Plastic is one of the biggest threats to environmental sustainability.
The use of floor protection paper is the most appropriate way to help prevent this threat from growing.

Why is paper the solution?

“Paper is a sustainable resource in itself “

The raw material to make paper is obtained from the trees that grow naturally, and if the paper also comes from sustainable forest management, it is an inexhaustible resource.

When it comes to disposal, paper is a biodegradable material; it reverts
naturally into the environment without causing harm.


The paper comes from nature itself and is not a petroleum derivative.


Paper production, from the extraction of raw materials to its manufacture, generates a lower level of emissions compared to other materials.


Paper is biodegradable unlike other materials that are not.


Paper is a material that can be recycled up to 7 times contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Given the impact of plastic waste on our environment, at Nerpel®we are working to eliminate plastic and unnecessarily waste from all products wherever possible.

As a result of these efforts, the packaging used across the whole of our floor protection range is now completely plastic free.

The PEFC certification guarantees that our entire FORTIUM® range of floor protection products, made from virgin kraft paper, with most demanding technical features, come from controlled forests and fast-growing species supported by sustainable reforestation.

Nerpel® Certification

“To meet the different demands and needs of our users, we have developed the most complete and sustainable range of floor protection solutions”